The age old Abbey of San Fruttuoso

The Abbey of San Fruttuoso was build towards the end of the 1200’s and recently restored by the FAI (Italian environment fund), the complex comprises the church cloister and the late 13th century tombs of the Dora family. The tombs stand out for their gothic arches in white marble and grey slate. The Abbey is dominated by the Doria tower, built in 1562 to defend the village from Barbarian pirates. At a depth of 17 meters stands the statue oh Christ of the Deep, a traditional and poignant stopping place for diverse and snorkelers.

How to reach the bay of San Fruttuoso

Several ferry boats leaving from the fishermens village of Camogli reach in approx. 30 minutes San Fruttuoso. This is a place where you can get just by boat or by foot. You can decide to take a second ferry and to Portofino and Santa Margherita; the other option is to hike. From the place Ruta di Camogli to San Fruttuoso or from Portofino via base O. Both paths are approx. 9 km long, but you need hiking shoes and comfortable dress.

What to see in San Fruttuoso

Visit the Abbey Museum, the Tower and the tiny beach where you can rest for a snack or for lunch in the small Trattorias of the bay.