Ligurian Cuisine

Simple, yet tasting!

The most famous dishes of Ligurian Cuisine

Ligurian Cuisine is the perfect combination of the flavour of the sea and the mountains: vegetables, grains, aromatic herbs, fish and EVO are the main ingredients.

Focaccia Genovese

Flat Bread, made with wheat flour, EVO, water, salt and malt, which gives the typical brown color.  A snack for every time: breakfast, appetizer and stuffed with good things for lunch.  A variety of Focaccia is the:

Focaccia di Recco al formaggio

which is a special focaccia, made with fresh cheese. The veil like stuffed layer was cooked on the slate in the past, and today in wood hoven.

Mother of all the dishes of Ligurian Cuisine is:

Pesto alla Genovese

Ingredients are: basil, salt, garlic, EVO, pinenuts, Pecorino and Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese. To mix the ingredients traditionally a mortar was used (a marble basin) with a hard wood pestle, a tool to crash or pound.



is a chick-pea thin flat bread, like a tartre, also typical in France: in Nizza is called "Soccà"

Non only "Pasta"

Mediterranean Cuisine: grapes, oil and grains.

If you think to Italy you cannot avoid to immagine a great plate of Spaghetti.

But pasta is noy just that one.  In Liguria we prepare Stuffed Pasta, like Ravioli, Pansotti, Tortellini - home made are of course the best.

Fish, like sole, bonito, shrimps, mussels are excellent when you visit the coast.

Eggs, Poultry, Chestnuts, aromatic herbs, beans and peas are typical in the countryside.

And what about wine? In the Cinque Terre you can find the famous Cinque Terre wine, PDO (protected designation product). Generally the Ligurian wines are dry but with sapidity from the Sea and aroma of the Mountains. A great combination!

Would you like to try a guided tour combined with a Wine or Ligurian Food tasting?

It is possibile to taste the Cinque Terre wine in Vernazza for example, during a guided tour of Cinque Terre. Perfect matching for the wine: a plate of focaccia, anchovies, olives and many other delicious things.



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