If you think to Italy you cannot avoid to immagine a great plate of Spaghetti.

But pasta is not just that one.

Ligurian Cuisine is the perfect combination of the flavour of the sea and the mountains: vegetables, grains, aromatic herbs, fish and EVO are the main ingredients. In Liguria we prepare Stuffed Pasta, like Ravioli, Pansotti, Tortellini – home made are of course the best.

Fish, like sole, bonito, shrimps, mussels are excellent when you visit the coast. eggs, poultry, chestnuts, aromatic herbs, beans and peas are typical in the countryside.


When I was a little girl my funny grandmother always told me to learn the skill to cook, so I could easily find a husband. Well, despite her best intention, it turned that this wasn’t enough to catch a husband-to-be.

But she showed me how to manage in the kitchen and above all, how to prepare Pesto alla Genovese. A light recipe which matches perfectly (speaking about marriage…) whit Trenette noodles. (See picture on the top, a kind of flat spaghetti).

But seriously: how to cook Pesto?

Basil, salt, garlic, pine-nuts, parmesan and pecorino cheese, EVO. That’s it.  But the secret is inside the mortar. So why don’t you join a cooking class?


The Mercato orientale, located in the city centre is a place where you really get into the daily life of the Italians. So called because it is in the east of the city, this covered market is where all the Genoese traditionally do its food daily shopping: meat, fresh fish, cheese, fruit and veg.

Stalls sell great foodie gifts such as handmade pasta and gnocchi, together pesto or walnut sauce to go with them. Inside the food market a great experience of all 5 senses. Delicious coloured food invite visitors to delight eyes, nose and mouth.  Enjoy a city tour with a spot in the Mercato Orientale.   

And what about wine? In the Cinque Terre you can find the famous Cinque Terre wine, PDO (protected designation product). Generally the Ligurian wines are dry but with sapidity from the Sea and aroma of the Mountains. A great combination!

It is possibile to taste the Cinque Terre wine in Vernazza for example, during a guided tour of Cinque Terre. Perfect matching for the wine: a plate of focaccia, anchovies, olives and many other delicious things.


Full price:

  • Each person
  • Half day tour

Family reduction:

  • 2 adults + Kids /teenies
  • Half day tour

Small groups:

  • Up to 10 pax
  • Half day tour


  • More than 10 pax
  • Half day tour


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Visit Italy now – Update June 2020 – Is it safe to travel to Italy?

Italy will allow travel to and from abroad starting on June 3. According to the decree approved, restrictions will also be lifted on travel within Italy — meaning residents will once again be allowed to freely travel from region to region.

The measures are currently limited to residents in Europe’s visa-free Schengen area, and travellers will also not be required to quarantine for 14 days upon entering Italy after June 3.  For visitors from other countries Italy plans to ease travel restriction from July.

At the moment we organise walking tours (no closed places) using whispers and with a limited number of 15 participants.

We will update the situation regularly.  In case of questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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