Trail Cinque Terre: the classic one. From Monterosso to Corniglia the “blue trail” allows you to walk from one village to the other. Many steps, up and downs but an incredible view of the entire Cinque Terre bay.

We recommend the Cinque Terre trail to people who have already some experience in hiking, as explained is not a sport competition. While walking you take breaks, make a picture, smell the nature, listening to interesting stories, enjoy the view. It is an experience that should involve your mind too.

If you would like to have a bigger challenge, the Cinque Terre also offer many other trails over the villages. The most beautiful is the sanctuary road or trail, located half way up in the hills.


The Park of Portofino with its 80 km of marked trails is a true paradise for all hiking lovers. You can reach on foot, combing your excursion with a ferry ride, the village of Portofino.

Starting from fishermen village Camogli, or from the Abbey of San Fruttuoso the path will lead you into places which will literally blow your mind. The colours of the Mediterranean scrub (also called macchia = maquee) especially in summer are a joy for the eyes.

There are several trails which you can choose, according to your mood and wishes, to enjoy a day in the nature. A local guide will help you to set the perfect day, combining your hiking, for example, with a late wine tasting or a gourmet experience.


Sestri Levante is a small tiny village in the south eastern tip of the Gulf of Tigullio. Here, to the west of the thin strip of land, you can’t help but fall under the spell of the Baia delle Favole (Bay of fairytales) and the Baia del silenzio (Bay of the silence) to the east. Both are edged by sandy beaches. From Sestri Levante you can reach the super spot of Punta Manara, with its spectacular cliffs which plunge into the blue sea. This quite a short trail which is perfect for adults and kids.


The Island  Palmaria can be reached by private boats or ferry services from La Spezia or Portovenere. The ferry service in Portovenere departs from Molo Doria and docks at Terrizzo from where you can begin exploring with a guided tour the island of Palmaria.

The Island is partly under control of the Military Italian Navy, which is the reason why on one hand the island has been preserved from wild tourism and building industry . A few beautiful beaches are located both on the side facing  Portovenere and on the northern side: the free Terrizzo and Pozzale beaches are wild, with no many services, very clear and crystalline water.

This guided trail offers fantastic spot views over the open sea, as well as the Island of Tino and the cliffs populated by colonies of seagulls called Grotta dei Colombi,  accessible only by coming down with climbing ropes.


Full price:

  • English speaking guide
  • Full day tour
  • Ticket for train/ferry not included

Family reduction:

  • 2 adults + Kids /teenies
  • Full day tour
  • Ticket for train/ferry not included


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