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Guided Tour Genoa and Italian Riviera
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Guided Tour Genoa and Italian Riviera

EnglishOfficial tourist guidefor groups, family and individuals

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Genoa and Liguria guided tours for individuals, couples, families and group travelers with local private guides.

Treat yourself to something special, if here on holiday, with friends, family or for business and ask for a designed tour for you. Choose if you want to walk, drive, hike or ride a bike.

Liguria can be an unforgettable experience.  City, sea and nature, fabulous food and tangible history are the stones of a tailor made tour, focused on your requests and whishes. As tour guides living in Genoa we want to show you exactly what you are interested in. As historians by education and of course Italians we can give you a real insight into Ligurian’s fascinating past and present – on or off the beaten tourist path!


Genua Guided Tour English

Do you know that the word “jeans” comes from “Genoa”? Once the nicknamed “bleu de Gênes” was a premium fabric used for sail making around the ancient harbour of Genoa. This was the origin of blue jeans that crossed the Atlantic and became popular property.

Genoa has many souls and is a vibrant and incredible city.  History, Nature, beauty and a lot of things to discover make your travel to a real exerience.

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5 Terre Guided Tour English

The landscape of the Cinque Terre was recognized by UNESCO “World Heritage”, and is today a national Park and Protected Marine Area.

A private tour for your family or small groups is the best way to explore the Five Villages. Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore are the Cinque Terre. The great work made by the locals during 10 centuries building dry stone walls is just the most signifucant reason why this place became so famous.

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Portofino Guided Tour English.

Portofino: Hollywood and Glamour.

Frank Sinatra. Liza Minelli. Andrea Boccelli. Leonardo Di Caprio: are just few names of Hollywood stars who left a trace in Portofino.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join a private tour of Portofino, cruising to Santa Margherita and Rapallo. The best of Liguria.

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My name is Laura and I grew up in Liguria. Since more than 10 years I’m working as tour leader and tour guide. I have graduated in anthropology in Rom and spent many years abroad working as social scientist for several research laboratories in Austria and Germany, conducting surveys and analysing data to develop new and more effective social policies. On the same time, the deep passion for history and arts gave me the input to became a tour guide. I started using my skills and knowledge and after a long process of study I am now licensed tour guide working in Genoa, Portofino and the Ligurian Riviera.