Did you know Frank Sinatra’s origin were from Genoa?


Natalina Garaventa, mother of Frank Sinatra, was married to a young man from Sicily. Both emigrated to America when they were children.

Natalina Garaventa, nicknamed Dolly, died aged 81, on Jan. 7, 1977, in a mysterious plane crash in the mountains of Nevada, directed to Las Vegas to attend her son’s concert at the Caesar Palace.

Since 2008 her Italian village of origin, Lumarzo, very close to Genoa had organized an event, “Hello, Frank!”, a musical tribute from Ligurian artists and guests to Frank Sinatra, who was also a fan of the Genoa soccer team, a gourmet and testimonial of Genoese pesto. On the 100th anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s birth the Comune of Lumarzo dedicated the Townhall Council Room to Natalina Garaventa.