Covid -19 in Italy

At the very early beginning of the spread of Covid-19 in Italy, we were (all) convinced that the situation could be limited to a few cluster of cities near Milan. Those villages have been put on a quarantine for 14 days with good results.

Unfortunately in the meantime the situation in north Italy became worse and other cities (Bergamo, Brescia) are suffering under the Covid-19.

The rest of Italy is fighting but with moderate numbers of Covid-19 in the other regions. We are living a lockdown which is very difficult to reach as for italian people is really very difficult to avoid social contacts.

Despite the good mood of the first weeks (singing, playing music….) the situation is getting really bad. Police is everywhere and even the military has been employed to respect quarantine rules.

We cannot visit our parents, we cannot go for a walk, we cannot do anything else than go outside to buy some food.

Companies are closed, shops are closed. Many people lost their job, included me.

In all this time I really asked me some questions. If this is really the case of a plague or if we are the sample of a social experiment.

It is not a matter of being polemic, it is just a matter of a simple sentence: It is easy to rule panic and fear.