January 19, 2018

Guided tour 5 Terre

Guided tour National Park 5 Terre

In medieval times, the word “terra” (land) meant “village”. This is the origin of the name of this beautiful area: Cinque Terre (Five Villages).  Cinque Terre landscape is harsh and wild and even the coast reflects its nature. High cliffs dropping down into the cobalt blue depths of the sea, hiding minute shingle beaches at Riomaggiore and Vernazza, or tiny ports like at Manarola.

The Cinque Terre, recognized by UNESCO “World Heritage”, are today a national Park and Protected Marine Area, protecting this great cultural heritage


5terre-italyFirst suggested stop is  Manarola , a small centre with old characteristic houses on the sea rocks. Manarola has a church in Gothic-Ligurian style.   in Manarola you will have time to visit the village and the vineyeards as testimonial of the incredible work made by the locals during all the years.

Maybe an espresso coffee break before the next stop.

If you prefer to use directly the train, the regional lines Liguria stop in the most importants places like Rapallo, Santa Margherita, etc.


Board the train (or pubblic boat) and reach Vernazza  which is a tiny resort located at the mouth of a river and is naturally protected from the threat o f the sea by a rocky promontory: Vernazza has always been the only safe landing point in the Cinque Terre and had always a strong political and economical importance which is witnessed by the style of its houses and streets, decorated with loggias and refined arcades. Even nowadays, in fact, it appears as a noble and elegant village, located on a steep cliff.  In Vernazza you will have time for Lunch, in typical Trattoria.

Reboard the train  and go to  Monterosso whose medieval center has remained perfectly preserved with its tower-houses and “carrugi” (narrow alleys).  As Monterosso was subject to continuous sea battles, defense structures were built: the Castle, overlooking the sea, the Aurora Tower which is the only one standing out of the thirteen towers that in the XVII century used to surround the village.

In the afternoon you will board the private car / train back to your hotel.

Cost of this tour: 220 Euro. Price includes the english speaking guided tour. Does not include the cost of train/boat/car/ tickets, lunch.