Hidden Cinque Terre trails

Hiking in the Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre National Park is famous throughout the world for its breathtaking landscape over the sea and the terraces, built over the centuries by the ancestors. 

The whole area was declared as UNESCO cultural heritage site since 1997.

In some periods of the year, however, the number of visitors and travelers is very high and it is therefore more pleasant to walk the paths away from the crowds.

The most famous trail (sentiero azzurro) is also the most popular one,  but there are many other paths that can be enjoyed without stress and above all by better understanding the soul and spirit of the Cinque Terre. 

For example, the path of the sanctuaries that runs along the hillside of the promontory allows you to fully enjoy incredible views, the vineyards laboriously worked and earned by the local farmers. Small villages that are the ancient settlements of seaside towns.

These walks are perhaps a little longer, but allow you to visit the Cinque Terre National Park off the beaten track.

Path from Soviore to Reggio

Soviore is the ancient inhabited area above Monterosso with the old sanctuary. From here, a suggestive panoramic path in about 3 hours leads us to Reggio, a small village above Vernazza. The view here is incomparable and allows you to truly understand the history of the Cinque Terre.

The descent to Vernazza is pleasant and shaded and once we arrive in the village you can refresh yourself with a good glass of Cinque Terre wine. After visiting Vernazza it is possible to take a private boat and finish the excursion enjoying the view from the sea.

Secret Manarola

Manarola is perhaps the most beautiful town of the Cinque Terre but also the most delicate and particular. Tourists are numerous at the small port but on the heights it’s a whole different story.

Around the small jewel of Groppo, famous for its wine, ancient paths have been recently restored. With a local guide you will explore the evolution of the landscape, on ancient dry stone walls, as a evidence of very ancient culture and traditions.

During this journey it is possible to stop at a local farmer winery and enjoy a glass of Cinque Terre wine, produced right here.

Highlights of the hiking tour

  • Uncrowded trails
  • breathtaking landscapes
  • Vineyards and dry stone walls
  • Local tradition and culture
  • Out-of-the-ordinary hiking

Practical information:

  • Private tour just for you
  • Rate € 300 full day excursion
  • Our rates are per tour not per person
  • Date and place of appointment to be agreed with the guide