Portovenere and Cinque Terre tour

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Portovenere walking tour and boat trip to Cinque Terre

Guided tour of Portovenere and Cinque Terre

Portovenere is an ancient  12th century town where tall and coloured houses still remain and the port. Thanks to its spectacular position on the narrow rock promontory on the sea, it also represents one of the most unique towns of the Ligurian coast.

Today Portovenere is included in UNESCO’world heritage for the tutelage of a cultural landscape .  Start  our walking tour by passing under the ancient arch to enter the main pedestrian street  and walk to the end where on the rocky promontory at the edge of town, amongst ancient forts,  stands the Church of  St. Peter, with its black and white stripes , connected to an older Paleochristian structure. Built by the Genoese between 1256 and 1277 on the remains of a paleo –Christian church, superimposed on a pagan temple dedicated to the goddess Venus Ericina, it was involved in the historical vicissitudes of Portovenere.

From the square in front you can enjoy a magnificent view on the castle and its imposing structure ; it represents an excellent model of Genoese military architecture.

Continue the walk to portside for panoramic view of the town and the three  islands  , Palmaria  Tino and Tinetto  are in the Portovenere regional Nature park , set up on September 2001 to safeguard the enviroment. Around the islands there are inlets and natural caves , including the charming Grotta Azzurra.


Portovenere walking tour and boat trip to Cinque Terre

A guided tour of  of Portovenere taking the public boat to the Cinque Terre and reach Vernazza.

In medieval times, the word “terra” (land) meant “village”. This is the origin of the name of this beautiful area: Cinque Terre (Five Villages).   The inhabitants of these places had agricultural origins and lived on the hills. Cinque Terre landscape is harsh and wild and even the coast reflects its nature. The Cinque Terre, recognized by UNESCO “World Heritage”, are today a national Park and Protected Marine Area, protecting this great cultural heritage.

Vernazza is a tiny resort located at the mouth of a river and is naturally protected from the threat o f the sea by a rocky promontory: Vernazza has always been the only safe landing point in the Cinque Terre., Always had also a strong political and economical importance which is witnessed by the style of its houses and streets, decorated with loggias and refined arcades. Even nowadays, in fact, it appears as a noble and elegant village, located on a steep cliff.

After the visit you may have a aperitivo with a taste of a white Cinque Terre wine. Return back with train to La Spezia or with the boat to Portovenere.


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Amazing view from the sea to the Cinque Terre

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Up and down accross wine, sun and sea

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Combine your tour with a pesto cooking class

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Make your friends or partners happy with a gift of a guided tour in Liguria

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